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Investment Loan

After buying your first home if you are interested in Investment property or build investment folio we are here to help you with your Funding solutions. With thousands of different type of investment loan products available in market, Finding the right one is certainly challenging. We do client needs analysis to assist you finding most suitable products available for you in the market.


Seeing us is like seeing multiple lenders at same time so at VDG Finance we don’t just provide solution to your funding needs, but we save you time by providing tailored solution to your needs at one place. We understand that you are busy hence we are flexible with our appointment times and we come to you.

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The more information you can collect up front, the more prepared you’ll be should you run into any unexpected expenses along the way. To help you understand the various fees you’ll need to cover, your lender should give you a Closing Disclosure detailing all the costs associated with your loan. It’s a good idea to compare the Closing Disclosure to the Loan Estimate.
Remember to factor in the various fees associated with buying a home—particularly closing costs. Closing costs include loan origination fees, appraisal fees and attorney fees (if any), to name a few. Your lender should provide you with a Loan Estimate showing the approximate costs of your loan so you can budget accordingly.
Interest rates always fluctuate. Sometimes, locking in a low rate can really pay off. Ask your lender when you can lock a particular rate and for how long. Keep in mind, lenders will usually offer lower interest rates for shorter-term locks and higher interest rates for longer-term locks. With the Bank of America Digital Mortgage Experience™, you can streamline the mortgage application process, including locking in a low interest rate.


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